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PLAYPASSPAUSE is game you can enjoy with your close friends. Contrary to other games, PLAYPASSPAUSE evokes laugher, honesty and can lead to some interesting dialogue.

 The game is simple each player gets:

3 play cards

2 pass cards

1 pause card

Arrange the word cards in groups of 3 letter words, 4 letter words and 5+ letter words. Card topics range in topics from cash, sex, love, loss, food and relations.

The oldest player always starts the game.

 The player will read the card and decide to:

PLAY the card

PASS the card

PAUSE the card

If the player can decide to pass to any player.

If the player decides to pause, ALL players must answer the question, including the player.

*A max of 2 follow up questions may be asked by the group.

*If the player chooses not to answer, they must take a shot.

Interested in playing the game virtually?

We host private groups of less than 10 for a small fee.

Email us at: for more information. 

Celeste Ent LLC is the parent company of TrollTalk and PlayPassPause. 

Please note, we're rooting for EVERYBODY BLACK